-digital marketing services | RTS

RTS is a digital marketing agency that is growing day by day. We achieve this goal by providing services that are highly appreciated by our highly valued clients. We offer a wide range of digital marketing services with a range of affordable prices. So that each and every business owner is able to launch their product and services on the digital platform with our help. In this way, we help our clients to grow day by a day which eventually leads to the growth of our company.

We at RTS offers complete digital marketing services ranging from website designing to its search engine optimization. We also provide social media marketing and video marketing so that our clients can have a complete digital marketing service all under one roof at a reasonable price Our services are as follows:


-website designing services | RTS

At RTS we provide complete digital marketing services starting from the scratch I.e. building the website
from scratch by:

  • Purchasing Domain from reputed domain sellers.
  • Purchasing hosting from reputed hosting providers. Hosting is purchased according to the budget of the client.
  • Designing the website from scratch with the content provided by the client. We ensure that the website is highly optimized and stands out of the crowd. Hence traffic reaching the website actually prefer our website in place of competitors.
  • 24×7 Customer support. So that we are able to provide instant help to the queries of our clients.


-best seo services | RTS

In this service, we perform the optimization of our client’s website so that the website is actually visible in the search engine and is on the first page of the search engine with relatable keywords.

We at RTS provide excellent high-quality SEO which results in the optimization of the website and it actually ranks up in the search engine page. Our SEO services are guaranteed to give excellent results and growth of your business by generating a new customer base from the website.

Our services improve the quality of your website and is now able to beat your competitor’s website by improving the efficiency of your website. In today’s digital generation there are a number of websites and businesses out there on the internet. Hence it is very necessary to improve the quality of our website so that it stands out of the crowd.


-pay per click services | RTS

Pay Per Click is a paid service in which advertisements are shown on the search engine page so as to gain customers. These advertisements are displayed over the organic search on the search engine page with respect to the keywords.

PPC is the easiest method of generating traffic to your website but on the other hand, it is a paid service and the search engine charges the advertiser for each click done over the search engine.

Hence it is very important to manage the PPC service. It is very important to display advertisements on correct keywords so that the traffic coming to the website is genuine and actually needs your service. Otherwise, your clicks would be wasted if proper traffic is not coming.

We at RTS do a thorough keyword researching so that we know which keywords are actually beneficial for your website or service. This helps in gaining genuine traffic in a very short amount of time as we already know how much traffic is coming for a particular keyword.


-social media marketing services | RTS

This a digital era where all the traffic of users is shifted from print media to social media. In today’s generation, a company would be successful only if it is active on social media and is able to convince the social media users about their company and products In social media marketing a brand or its product is promoted over the social media as there is a huge user base on the social media to give attention and opinion over it.

It helps in building a brand image in the user’s mind so from now onwards the user prefers that brand. At RTS we provide complete social media marketing and its management at a reasonable cost. Our services are guaranteed for results as we do thorough research on the product and the user base of social media.


-mobile marketing agency | RTS In today’s digital world more than 50% of users are mobile users hence it is very important to target mobile users for a successful promotion of a brand or product. At RTS we provide high-quality mobile advertisements that actually work and improve the reach of the product and brand. We do thorough research on the keywords and optimize the advertisements according to the needs of a mobile advertisement.


-video advertisement| RTSVideo advertisements are a preferred mode of advertisements for decades. Video advertisements are a little expensive than other modes of advertisements but are guaranteed to bring more customers.

In video advertisement both audio and visual components of the advertisements work hence it results in more engagement of the viewer and hence it is quite easy for a video to grip on the minds of the viewer. We at RTS provide high quality and optimized video advertisements that are cost-effective and generates huge traffic for your products and services


-content marketing agency | RTS In today’s digital era all the user base is shifted on the internet hence it is very important to be on the internet and stand out from the crowd on the internet. To achieve this RTS offers you a great content marketing service in which we create different types of content to promote your brand and website on the internet.