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PPC stands for Pay Per Click, it is the method of advertising in this digital era. Advertisements are shown on the web on search engines or websites on top of the organic search. This advertisement comes at a cost which is defined as pay per click as the advertiser has to pay for each click.

Whenever a user clicks on the ads, the search engine charges it to the advertiser an amount which eventually leads to the generation of leads and gaining of customers.


-pay per click services | RTSPPC advertising is the easiest way of bringing traffic to a website. In this method, we have to display the advertisement on search engine pages and websites related to the nature of the product to be advertised.

Whenever a user or customer searches for a particular keyword or query then the advertisement of our product will be displayed at the top of the search engine page which leads to the generation of traffic on our website, which eventually leads to new lead generation and creation of new user base.

PPC services are one of the best methods to gain users and traffic in an ethical way as the users reaching the website are actually looking for that product and are genuine buyers and users.


-digital marketing services | RTSAt RTS we believe in making relationship with the right audience at the right time so as to yield the maximum return on investment.

In today’s era a large number of digital marketing agencies are available in the market. So it is very important to select a good digital marketing agency.

Since Pay Per Click is a paid method as we have to pay for each and every click that a user clicks on the advertisements hence it is very important to manage those advertisements.

If the advertisements are not properly managed then it will lead to burn a hole in the pocket of our customers as the user reaching the website are not exactly looking for that service.

A proper PPC company will properly do a thorough keyword researching so that they know what a user actually searches for on the search engine and then the advertisement will be shown on that keywords only, hence generating huge user base in the least possible time.

Since PPC advertising is a paid service hence it is very important to use our limited resources in the correct direction so that we can achieve a high return on our investment.

We at RTS do thorough keyword research and do a complete analysis of the best possible keywords for our clients. At RTS we provide excellent service to our highly valued customers.

Going by the feedback we receive from our clients we are feeling proud to say that we are one of the leading Digital Marketing Service Agency in India.


Since PPC management is a paid method for traffic generation hence it is very important to manage the investment done on PPC. At RTS we believe that everyone should be able to afford our services so that they are able to make their product reach to a great extent of audience.

We are proud of providing high-quality digital marketing services at a very reasonable price so that even a small business owner can afford our services.


-PPC growth services | RTS Google Adwords alongside with Google analytics helps in determining perfect keywords to go
 We get an idea about the nature of traffic and search results.
 Budget can be allocated by ourselves using our own bidding value.
 Our customers can carve their own way by targeting customers and audience for selective
 A new category of the audience can be created so as to target them with this new keyword.
 PPC also uses geo-targeting so as to reach customers based on their locations. This helps businesses to reach new and new locations.
 Targeting methods are set according to the budget of the advertiser.
 User has full control on when to start or when to pause the ad. Hence giving the full control over the
display of advertisements.
 The built-in keyword planner helps in selecting the target audience.
 The keyword planner also helps in forecasting the audience reach on selected keywords.
 It also helps in checking the status of the campaign and boost performance on impressions, clicks
and conversions.

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per month
  • 25 Analytics Campaign
  • 1,300Change Keywords
  • 25 Social Media Reviews
  • 1 Free Optimization
  • 24/7 Support


per month
  • 25 Analytics Campaign
  • 1,300Change Keywords
  • 25 Social Media Reviews
  • 1 Free Optimization
  • 24/7 Support


per month
  • 25 Analytics Campaign
  • 1,300Change Keywords
  • 25 Social Media Reviews
  • 1 Free Optimization
  • 24/7 Support

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