-mobile marketing services | RTSOver the past few years, mobile advertisement has grown exponentially with an increase in the use of smartphones and expanding day by day. In today’s era, millions of users spend hours a day on the internet. Hence millions of impressions are available for advertisers to show their advertisements. Hence it would be a foolish decision to ignore this platform.
Since this medium has a large user base hence it is very easy to reach a large number of users on this platform. Hence it is very important to advertise and make use of this great platform.

A mobile device is a very personal gadget that a user has. Hence it is very easy to learn the favorites of a user from its mobile phone. These favorites can then be used to target specialized advertisements to specific people. This method helps in learning the interest of a user through its mobile and then showing them the advertisements of the products that they are actually interested in.
In this era most of us use the internet on the mobile phone itself hence it is very important to advertise on mobile phones. A great amount of time is spent on the internet these days hence it is very important to make out most of it through mobile advertisements.


At RTS we believe in making the relationship with the right audience at the right time so as to yield the maximum output from the given investment. In today’s era, a large number of mobile advertising agencies are available in the market. So it is very important to select a good mobile advertising agency. Since mobile advertising is a paid method as we have to pay for each advertisement right from the making of the mobile advertisement hence it is very important to manage those advertisements.

If the advertisements are not properly managed then it will lead to burn a hole in the pocket of our customers as the user reaching the website is not exactly looking for that service or product. That’s why the management of mobile advertising is necessary for effective results.

A proper mobile marketing agency will properly do a thorough user interest researching so that they know what a user actually searches for on the internet and then the advertisement will be shown according to the interest of the user, hence generating a huge user base in the least possible time. Since mobile marketing is a paid service hence it is very important to use our limited resources in the correct direction so that we can achieve a high return on our investment.

We at Right Time Solution do a thorough user interest research and do a complete analysis of the best possible content for our clients. At RTS we provide excellent service to our highly valued customers. Going by the feedback we receive from our clients we are feeling proud to say that we are one of the leading Mobile Marketing Service Agency in India.


Since mobile marketing is a paid method for traffic generation hence it is very important to manage the investment done on mobile advertisements. At RTS we believe that everyone should be able to afford our so that they are able to make their product and services reach to a great extent of audience. We are proud of providing high-quality mobile advertising services at a very reasonable price so that even a small business owner can afford our services.

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We always tend to fulfill our promise with our clients. Since we work with our feet on the ground and always show the reality and promise what is achievable for the specific project. Hence we always end up achieving more than our promised results.


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1. Mobile apps and Advertisements

Mobile apps are highly popular and mostly used by consumers at the end level, hence they are great places to display mobile advertisements to reach out to the targeted audiences. These apps are used by a large number of users on a daily basis hence it acts as a very good platform to serve the creative advertisements.

2. Short Messaging Service (SMS)

SMS is an effective means to reach out to your audiences and our SMS service helps you to target audiences based on their location, gender, age, etc. SMS service is helpful in reaching a whole new level of audiences as it is supported on every mobile even a non-smart phone. Hence it extends the reach of mobile advertisement service.

3. Viral message.

Messaging platforms like WhatsApp and hike is used to make mobile advertising campaign viral and reach out to a wider range of potential visitors. This method helps out to reach a greater number of audiences in a very short amount of time hence it acts as a brilliant mobile advertisement method when very short amount of time is present.

4. Mobile videos and WAP site banners.

We also create videos, voice portals, and WAP site banners, etc. which are creative, unique and interactive ads that can attract the right audience segment. These contents are highly optimized for mobile phone and are very light in weight so it is very easy for every phone to load them on different WAP sites without effecting the loading time of the WAP sites.